Saturday, July 01, 2006

How to Hack Yahoo ID ?

Hi Guys,

I was shocked when i heard one of my colleague yahoo id is hacked and its true we were receiving junk mails from that yahoo id and from day i was spending most of my free time to find out how they might have hacked her yahoo id. Then finally i got it how they might have hacked,The four most common ways of Hacking Yahoo ids are ..

1.) Social Engineering
2.) Password Crackers
3.) Using Password Stealing Trojans/Keyloggers
4.) Fake Login Pages

1. Social Enginnering is actually nothing but trying to know your personal and confidential details and then using it to change your password ..BUT HOW? ok there's a forgot password option with Yahoo which asks for your B'day,Country & Zip Code & later your security question..Now generally lamers who try this mode of Hacking have lots of time to waste ..They will put you into some kinda friendship/emotional trap and try to get all the above mentioned information .It may take 1-2 days or even 1-2 month ...(Really I pitty on such lamers !! ).

2.The second kinda Hacking attempt is done with the Help of Yahoo Password Crackers...I doubt bout their efficiency bt still some of them r lucky (other way round u r stupid lol)..Password Crackers & Password Changers use Brute Force Technique with their updated wordlists...WHAT IS BRUTE FORCE ?I'll make it simple's like using all possible combinations and permutations on the available data and using it as a password ..Bt again it takes a hell lot of time to crack a password ....

3.The third and one of the most frequently used way of hacking or stealing Yahoo password is using trojans and keyloggers ..WHAT ARE TROJANS? hmmm.. I already have one still TROJANS are simple programs with a server part and the client part infect the victims computer with the server part and the server then connects to the client running on your system and sends passwords and vital informations..and KEYLOGGERS are programs which record your keystrokes in a log.txt file and sends that log file to the Hacker...

I have this trojan programm beleive me it worked guys i tried it on my yahoo id. Dont want to say more about it secret ... lol.. ;) So please be carefull when you are accepting any files send by some one.

Once Infected by these trojans the infected server sends your password to the Hackers Yahoo Messenger id as PM 's ...

4. The last form of Yahoo Password stealing is done by using FAKE LOGIN PAGES ..Now wht the **** :-) is Fake login Page ?These are cloned pages of the real Yahoo Mail Sign in pages .They look very similar to the real conterparts and really very difficult to distinguish..Once you put inyour real id and password and press the submit button you will be either redirected to some other pasge /invalid login page but the trick had already been played by this time ..your id and password would have been mailed to the Hackers mail id by using a 3rd party SMTP server and you don't even realize that you are HACKED...

So be carefull Always view the address bar ..If the address bar shows something like or then its the authentic page but if its something different then DONOT login.


shaik said...

hey dude its realy a good stuff plz keep posting such type of stuff

AMir said... is the best way to recover hacked ids

rock said...

Hey guys now their is something that i wanna know , my frnd is in india and i know his yahoo id and password. Now the thing is he is flirting my gf so i want to know what this guy is chatting to her. I have his id and password but i am not knowing how to trace their conversations.I will be very happy if u can help me out , i am going out of my mind searching all sites and i am depressed plzzz help me buddies.

Pappu said...

Hi ansar....this is nice stuff....i need some help from u where i can get back my valuable hacked id back to my possesion....plzz send me the procedure to my mail id how to hack wld be a great help frm u.

Ranjini said...



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Atia said...

Can I have the software used to hack someones yahoo id?? PLease!

adil said...

as salam alikum bhai!!!

i just went thru ur posts im really impressed n thankful to u!!! n if u dnt mind can we have a chat on msn!!

Taus! said...

hey ansar may i hav the trojan plz ..mail me at if possi. thnx

John Stewart said...

hey you can get the yahoo email login of any yahoo users, if you know their yahoo ID and DOB.

Email yahoo admin with the following.

Subject should be "Secondary Email Retreive"

Message Body should contain

1. The target's Username and date of birth

2. Your yahoo username and password

Happy Hacking!!!!!

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