Saturday, December 09, 2006

php easter eggs

By Justin Silverton

The following are some easter eggs found in various version of php. To see these easter eggs, find any webserver installed with the respective version of php installed on it & append this to any url that ends with a php script.

php 4.x

php image (depending on the version, either a dog or a rabbit):


Note: The dog was a part of the php community. More information can be found here

The php logo:


Powered by zend logo:


credits (shows all authors and contributors):


If you have a website running php and you would like to disable these, you can by changing the variable: “expose_php” to off in php.ini.

Zend Studio Client (ZDE)

When the studio is open, simply press on Ctrl+Shift+Z+(left mouse click) to see a team members picture.

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