Friday, May 08, 2009

PHP 5.3 upgrading notes

Hi all upgrading to php 5.3 just go through the php 5.3 upgrading notes on, lots of changes done, lots of new classes,method also function added and extension added and removed. List of upgrading notes is huge go through it. Below are few quick notes:

Reserved word: GOTO,NAMESPACE,CLOSURE are now reserved word in PHP, Make correction to your programs or else php will trow Fatal Error while parsing the script.

Functions affecting backwards compatibility:
* var_dump() output with objects.
* session_start() now returns false if session startup fails for some reason.
* opendir(), scandir() and dir() now use the default context if no context passed.
* The new mysqlnd library necessitates using MySQL's newer 41 byte password format. Continued use of the old 16 byte passwords will cause mysql_connect() to produce the following error message: “mysqlnd cannot connect to MySQL 4.1+ using old authentication.” No need to worry if you are using MySQL version >= 4.1, Prior to MySQL 4.1, password hashes computed by the PASSWORD() function are 16 bytes long.

Bye Bye windows 98 or NT4: The minimum Windows versions are now windows 2000/XP.

Libraries added: mysqlnd (optional replacement for libmysql)

Extension Changes Causing Incompatibilities:
"Session" - Sessions would no longer succeed to store session-files in ”/tmp” path if open_basedir restriction is enabled, and ”/tmp” is not explicitly added to allowed paths list (special treatment of ”/tmp” was added in 5.2.2, but was not documented)

* define_syslog_variables() now issues E_DEPRECATED
* all ereg functions now issues E_DEPRECATED (note that not all of them are prefixed with ereg)

New functions:


* array_replace()
* array_replace_recursive()


* date_add()
* date_sub()
* date_diff()
* date_parse_from_format()
* date_create_from_format()
* date_get_last_errors()
* timezone_version_get()


* parse_ini_string()


* mysqli_fetch_all()
* mysqli_get_connection_stats()
* mysqli_poll()
* mysqli_reap_async_query()

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